Born to Run – book review

Well what a book!

Some are good, some are bad, and some like this are just awesome.

Bought this a few years ago, read chapter one, something happened and I put it down and only picked it up again a couple of days ago as I’m back into running. Why, oh why did I leave it so long. It’s such a great book, one could even say a seminal piece of work, and you don’t even have to like, or want to be a runner to appreciate how good it is.

The book starts with a simple question:  “Why does my foot hurt?”  and the book then weaves its way through distance running, diet, biology, anthropology, science of running, running shoes, the Tarahumara, and so much more; ending with a 50-mile race. Wow, it’s a great, easy-read that gets you thinking about life and what it is to be a human. There’s a chapter on the Running Man theory, another (few) on Leadville, Emil Zatopek gets a great mention in another, as do why salads are good for breakfast! These side stories are interspersed into the main story of the buildup and actuality of a  50 mile ultra marathon race through Mexico’s Copper Canyons between a weird, mad, yet fantastic team of  American ultra-runners and Tarahumara Indian ultra-athletes – and the race demonstrates how mad you have to be to get involved in such things.

Running in modern shoes, sandals or barefoot – the pros and cons are all addressed in this book.

Great book, and one that makes you think – recommend to anyone (you don’t even have to like running!)

I can see why it’s just made the Amazon 100 books to read in your lifetime (cnn story here, it’s book #14), as voted at Goodreads.

So that’s my review of “Born to Run: The hidden tribe, the ultra-runners, and the greatest race the world has never seen” by Christopher McDougall – ISBN 978-1861978776 (UK) or 978-0307279187 (US) and available as an e-book as well.

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Enjoy 🙂