Thank you London

I did it, I made it, I got around the London Marathon on 26 April 🙂

The year before I was undergoing chemotherapy, and when I crossed the finish line and then for the hour or so afterwards it was very emotional. It hit me harder than I had imagined that the silly idea I had had whilst lying in a hospital bed unable to feel one of my arms due to the drugs I was receiving, had actually come to fruition. Forget the time (just over 5 hours, slowest ever by a long way), this wasn’t about that, but just getting to the finish line, and having the medal around my neck. Also, and just as important, is the fact that we have raised over £4,100 for bowel cancer charities.
with London Marathon medal
Thanks also to the team at Bowel Cancer UK for looking after me when I finished. I really needed the cups of tea, slabs of cake and the four-hands massage!

I now have the t-shirt as well to show I finished it:
Finshers t-shirt

But time moves on, and the desire to continue running, both for my own benefit, but also to use something that (most times) I enjoy to help others is still with me.

To this end I have entered, at the end of June a half-marathon, and along with some friends, around the lovely city of Novi Sad, at night. This one is just for me, so that I know I can still get around 21 km, and hopefully improve on my post-cancer best time of 1 hour 47 minutes.

Before this though I have more medical tests at the end of May, I hope they too will come back as clear so it stays post-cancer!

I also have another charity run planned in September, but this event in Anglesey is SO BIG it deserves its own post…


800 km up

800 km – this is the recorded distance I have run since my chemotherapy finished last September, as training for the London Marathon​ which takes place in exactly one week’s time.


Please support my charity efforts,
£8 / €8 / $8 / 800 RSD for the 800 km would be fantastic 🙂
or (if in UK) text BOCA99 £8 to 70070

All monies raised go to help bowel cancer charities in the UK, Serbia and across Europe.


5,000,000 mm Fun Run/Walk on 18 April in Belgrade

5,000,000 mm Fun Run/Walk on 18 April in Belgrade

On Saturday 18 April 2015 is the Belgrade Marathon, one week and a day before the London Marathon that I will be taking part in.

In addition to the full and half marathons on the 18th there is also a 5 km Free Fun Run, or you can think of it as only 5,000 m/500,000 cm or even 5,000,000 mm.

Come along, with family and friends, and enjoy the atmosphere and the event itself. We aim to have separate groups for those who want to run, and those who want to walk around the course.

We are meeting in Pionirski Park around 9:40 am (in the section between Pionirski Park/Trg Nikola Pašić, and the road entrance to the City Hall).

The 5 km Run starts at 10:05 am, just after the start of the marathon race.

This isn’t a fundraising event but more of an awareness of event – come and show your support, as well as enjoy the event. As this finishes by Hotel Moscow you will be well placed to see those who have run the full and half-marathons finish, whilst sipping on a well earned drink in one of the numerous cafés around Terazije.

The Facebook event page can be found at: – do join up and see you there 🙂

5 km fun run

SWAD restaurant – Sat 14 Mar

If you are in Belgrade on Saturday 14 February March (date change) do reserve seats at Swad – Taste of India restaurant.

There is a special meal and the evening will be in support of this charity campaign.

Mini-raffle and a belly dancer to entertain you.

From 8 pm at Djusina 10 – reserve your place on 011 3220368 🙂


Ljubljana half marathon

Ljubljana half marathon

As part of my training for the London marathon next April I have entered the Ljubljana half marathon on Sunday 26 October.

As this is being written there rare less than 10 days until the event:
Ljubljana marathon website

My bib number will be:
Ljubljana bib number

First race since the Belgrade half marathon in 2007, and with limited training due to still having numb fingers and toes so we’ll have to see how it goes. The aim is just to get to the end of the race, as well as enjoy the sights of Ljubljana as haven’t been there before (will fly in on Saturday early and fly out Sunday late) 🙂

Three Carrots report

Many thanks to all who came along to “Charity Runner Neil‘s” first fundraiser event to help bowel cancer charities on Wednesday 27 August to fill The Three Carrots Irish Pub 🙂

The poster, designed by Rushka Jonjic, the art teacher at my school, exemplified what the whole event was about and was a great:

The Three Carrots Event poster

The Three Carrots Event poster


I am thrilled that we raised just over €750 (£600/88,000 RSD) which was a great effort by friends who came along and helped via the following:
Raffle – tickets of 100 RSD each with a dozen prizes
Sweepstake – what time will “Charity Runner Neil” finish the London Marathon
Clothing – ordering exclusive polo shirts, t-shirts and caps
Drinks – Special drinks which the pub then made a donation

A picture show of this event can be seen on Flickr –
Many thanks to Goran Kostic (mob: 0641139516) for coming along and taking the photos.

Thanks also are due to Wendy, Jules, Philo, Alex and James for ably assisting with ensuring the smooth transition of attendees money from their wallets to the charity envelopes as they took part in the events.

And thanks also to those who donated some amazing prizes for the raffle:

  1. Meal for 2 at Le Teniza Restaurant
  2. Meal for 2 at Talas Restaurant
  3. Personally signed (on the night) copies of Yvo Kühling’s “Belgrade Bites
  4. Copy of Andy Townend’s “belgradestreets” book
  5. Copy of Komshe’s “Belgrade in your hands
  6. Qutie Designs voucher x2
  7. Three Carrots polo shirt plus keyring x2
  8. Signed copy of Matthew Palmer’s “The American Mission
  9. Masterclass lesson at the Balkan Chilli Festival

Pictures of many of the above prizes can be seen on the Pinterest page –

Thanks are also due to Komshe and English Book for sponsoring the roll-ups, and also to Betex and 3P Learning for their sponsorship of the t-shirts.
And final thanks to the team at The Three Carrots Pub who offered to help with an event before I had even planned any events, and then went out of their way to ensure that everything worked on the night; well done to you all!

Next event on September 26, from 7 pm, at the Canadian Club – see you there 🙂