Belgrade record achieved…

Belgrade record achieved…

Well I managed it – I completed a half-marathon, on a treadmill, in a pub!

running in a pub...

I now hold the Belgrade record for the fastest half-marathon in a pub – of 2 hours 7 minutes – at a Neil4BC social charity event.


In the process those in the pub bought raffle tickets and drank several drinks each, raising 41.240 RSD (~£302 / ~€335 – as of date of this post). All this money will go to support the work of EuropaColon, who themselves support colon cancer activities across Europe, including Serbia.


Many thanks to everyone who came along, who helped out at the event, and also to those who donated the many raffle prizes we had that evening.

Some raffle prizes...

Just some of the many raffle prizes 🙂

I know the winner of the main prize, a trip to Bratislava next April (including coach travel, 2 night’s accommodation, breakfast AND entry to the Bratislava Marathon), courtesy of Active Traveling / Marathon Travels, is very happy.

Running in a pub

More pictures at

Many more pictures can be seen on Flickr.

If you would like to donate and increase the total raised please just send me a message 🙂




500 dinars per 500 metres

500 dinars per 500 metres

Title picture

Whilst I may not have the time to organise events at the moment, I decided I should still try to raise money for bowel cancer charities.

With 2 races, in Serbia, coming up I therefore set a challenge to raise money related to them:
Palić half marathon – 21 km – 5 March 2016
Belgrade marathon – 42 km – 16 April 2016

Total distance ~ 63 km (to nearest km!)

So I set a target of raising 63.000 dinars (~€510  / ~£400) by asking people to donate 500 dinars (in total, not per 500 m!!) which would cover 500 metres of these races. Therefore if 126 people donate I would raise the target amount.

All monies raised will be split 50/50 between the Serbian colon cancer charity and EuropaColon (who work across Europe, including Serbia).

serb-charity  EuropaColon

2 days after launching this initiative (last Thursday, 4 February, which was World Cancer Day) I had received pledges covering the Palić half marathon race, i.e. 21.000 dinars 🙂

21.000 raised already!

Now I’m looking for donations to cover the 42 km of the Belgrade marathon.
If you can help please send me a message, or email me

Thank you 🙂

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Barcelona – Cancer Congress talk

Barcelona – Cancer Congress talk


I was recently invited over to give a talk at the above event, a prestigious congress in the world of gastrointestinal cancer. My thanks to Daniela at ESO, and Jola and Geoffrey from EuropaColon for both the invitation and for looking after me whilst I was in Barcelona.

European School of Oncology EuropaColon

The event I was to talk at was at a symposium, taking place in the evening, at CCIB – Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona (Barcelona’s International Convention Centre). This is a sort of add-on extra to the congress, focusing on one particular area. In this case it was called the Colorectal Cancer Observatory.  A few years ago the organisers had decided that it would be good for the practitioners, during this event, to hear from a patient, hence me being asked to go to this event.

Posters for the event are here:OBS GI Barcelona_500w_Page_1
OBS GI Barcelona_500w_Page_2
Showing OffSo I had to talk at the 12th ESO Colorectal Cancer Observatory: innovation and care in the next 12 months symposium, with the topic being “The Patient’s Perspective”. I though there would be around 20-30 people there, given it was the evening, and if they had been at the congress since lunchtime, most would be wanting to get back for their evening meal. I was shocked then when I walked into the room and saw several hundred professionals sitting around waiting to hear from the speakers.

ESO presentation-title-slideTitle slide for my presentation

Having listened to some very eminent doctors in this field, most of whose words went over my head I was called up to give my talk. With a lovely introduction by Jola, the co-chair I walked over to give my talk, with the slides also appearing on a huge screen for everyone to see. Apologies for the quality of the picture; I was sent this one of the talk: IMG_0854

The talk was well received by all those present, and I enjoyed giving it. After this I was approached by a couple of ladies who asked me if I would do an interview for Bulgarian State TV. It hasn’t yet been published, but if it is I will add it below.

bg-tv-programme-logoBulgarian State TV programme – духът на здравето (Spirit and Health)

The following day, when I was just visiting the congress to see what went on at this sort of event, I was asked if I would mind doing an interview for Patient Power EUAndrew Schorr, the Co-Founder of Patient Power had a chat with me, and then we went ahead with an unprepared, unscripted interview, in the foyer of the CCIB. The final result can be seen below:

Colon Cancer Patient Neil Howie talks at the ESMO 17th World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer in Barcelona. from Patient Power.

I did manage a run alongside the beach in Barcelona on the morning before giving the talk. Well I ran for 7 km, then walked 1 km, then ran last 2 km; it was in the mid-thirties so very hot to be out running, but still a lovely experience:
Barcelona run

Next talk:
I am honoured to have been invited to give another talk at the end of September in Vienna, at the European Cancer Congress with a talk entitled: “The benefits of physical activity during and following cancer treatment: The patient perspective”. Looking forward to it…

Next charity run:
This will be a couple of weeks after the Ring O’ Fire, a run around Anglesey, and my first ultramarathon, which I am running to aid bowel cancer charities. Please do support my efforts:
Ring O' Fire support Neil4BC
Thank you 🙂