Half marathon in a pub!!

Dear friends,

After a long time without a fundraising event (but having done lots of running) I am pleased to announce there will be a fundraiser for the bowel/colon cancer charity EuropaColon at the 3 Carrots Pub; but with a twist!!!

As well as a raffle (some great prizes!) and special drinks that evening I will also run a half marathon (on a treadmill) in the pub!

To celebrate the fact that my oncologist does not want to see me for a whole year – my very recent set of major hospital tests showed I am still cancer free and thus it is 2 years since I completed many months of chemotherapy – worth celebrating.

The fundraising is to help EuropaColon with their work across Europe (including Serbia) as a charity helping and supporting those with and who may have bowel/colon cancer. Having been there, done that, and survived advanced cancer myself this worthwhile cause is so worth supporting.

So do come along – 3 Carrots Pub, Kneza Miloša 16, Wednesday 28 September, from 18:30 until late 🙂

Mines a half poster

See you there 🙂

Barcelona – Cancer Congress talk

Barcelona – Cancer Congress talk


I was recently invited over to give a talk at the above event, a prestigious congress in the world of gastrointestinal cancer. My thanks to Daniela at ESO, and Jola and Geoffrey from EuropaColon for both the invitation and for looking after me whilst I was in Barcelona.

European School of Oncology EuropaColon

The event I was to talk at was at a symposium, taking place in the evening, at CCIB – Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona (Barcelona’s International Convention Centre). This is a sort of add-on extra to the congress, focusing on one particular area. In this case it was called the Colorectal Cancer Observatory.  A few years ago the organisers had decided that it would be good for the practitioners, during this event, to hear from a patient, hence me being asked to go to this event.

Posters for the event are here:OBS GI Barcelona_500w_Page_1
OBS GI Barcelona_500w_Page_2
Showing OffSo I had to talk at the 12th ESO Colorectal Cancer Observatory: innovation and care in the next 12 months symposium, with the topic being “The Patient’s Perspective”. I though there would be around 20-30 people there, given it was the evening, and if they had been at the congress since lunchtime, most would be wanting to get back for their evening meal. I was shocked then when I walked into the room and saw several hundred professionals sitting around waiting to hear from the speakers.

ESO presentation-title-slideTitle slide for my presentation

Having listened to some very eminent doctors in this field, most of whose words went over my head I was called up to give my talk. With a lovely introduction by Jola, the co-chair I walked over to give my talk, with the slides also appearing on a huge screen for everyone to see. Apologies for the quality of the picture; I was sent this one of the talk: IMG_0854

The talk was well received by all those present, and I enjoyed giving it. After this I was approached by a couple of ladies who asked me if I would do an interview for Bulgarian State TV. It hasn’t yet been published, but if it is I will add it below.

bg-tv-programme-logoBulgarian State TV programme – духът на здравето (Spirit and Health)

The following day, when I was just visiting the congress to see what went on at this sort of event, I was asked if I would mind doing an interview for Patient Power EUAndrew Schorr, the Co-Founder of Patient Power had a chat with me, and then we went ahead with an unprepared, unscripted interview, in the foyer of the CCIB. The final result can be seen below:

Colon Cancer Patient Neil Howie talks at the ESMO 17th World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer in Barcelona. from Patient Power.

I did manage a run alongside the beach in Barcelona on the morning before giving the talk. Well I ran for 7 km, then walked 1 km, then ran last 2 km; it was in the mid-thirties so very hot to be out running, but still a lovely experience:
Barcelona run

Next talk:
I am honoured to have been invited to give another talk at the end of September in Vienna, at the European Cancer Congress with a talk entitled: “The benefits of physical activity during and following cancer treatment: The patient perspective”. Looking forward to it…

Next charity run:
This will be a couple of weeks after the Ring O’ Fire, a run around Anglesey, and my first ultramarathon, which I am running to aid bowel cancer charities. Please do support my efforts:
Ring O' Fire support Neil4BC
Thank you 🙂