I was diagnosed in January 2014 with a tumour and subsequently Stage 3 bowel/colon cancer. I had the surgery in Serbia ten days after this diagnosis, and a month later began chemotherapy, from February until August 2014.

I decided that when I finished the chemotherapy I would start running again (after a gap of over 7 years). I spoke to Bowel Cancer UK and they gave me a charity place in the the 2015 London Marathon again (which I had last run in 2002). Recent events have given me the motivation to put in the training time now to run again for the benefit of others both through the raising of money to help as well as to demonstrate that one can recover and take such challenges on.

On 26 April 2015 I ran the London Marathon to raise funds to promote to others, and support the dissemination of information and raise awareness about what bowel cancer is. At the same time I want to use this to bring together more the expat community together in Belgrade using this charity as a focus. Many know me and what I have gone/am going through and will get behind this initiative. The total raised as of 26 April 2015 was £4,102.

Having run the London Marathon, and wanting to continue running for bowel cancer charities I entered the Ring O’ Fire. This is a 135 mile / 217 km coastal ultramarathon around Anglesey, which took place from 4-6 September 2015. Whilst I didn’t manage to complete the Ring O’Fire (read what happened here!) I continue to run.

The total raised up to this point was £4,840 (~€6,300 / 760.000 RSD).

I entered the Palić half-marathon on 5 March 2015 and the Belgrade Marathon on 16 April 2015. With these 2 events, totalling approximately 63 km I raised 63.000 RSD (~€510 /~£400). A blog post about this can be read here.

Since then I’ve continued to run 🙂

Please support bowel cancer charities by donating to this cause using the picture below (my latest charity fundraiser). Thank you.