(Almost) crying because of a halo…

I almost cried this week in school, not a thing a Deputy Principal should do!


I showed my Year 11 (Grade 10/16-year olds) a 28 minute YouTube film that came out this week. It is inspirational, and as such next week I will show it to Year 7-10 in their assembly.

My, almost (I didn’t, just felt like it) cry, wasn’t because of the content of the film, but because it brought back so many memories for me.

I remember being on the start line of the London Marathon in April 2015, when 7 months earlier I couldn’t run 100 metres alongside a Bulgarian friend. For me there were tears of joy at the end of the London Marathon, as before this I had spent 7 months of treatment in and out of hospital turning the pages of my kindle with my nose, as my arms hurt too much from the chemotherapy drugs, then training from zero to be able to run 42.2 km; it was a major challenge, but one I am proud to have accomplished.

The film, which I think all should watch (it is only 28 minutes long!) is:

In 6 weeks I take on a new challenge, something I have never done before, a 100 km race, the “Carphone Warehouse Race to the Stones“. I’ve done many races in the past 4 years, mostly half-marathons, interspersed with a few marathons and the inaugural 57 km Firelighter (the first day of the Ring O’ Fire 3-day ultra) but this is definitely a running challenge beyond what I’ve done before, both before and after bowel cancer.


Because I can, and also to help others…

I’m almost fifty, just over 200 days to go an Excel formula tells me, and I feel lucky to still be alive, and capable of mad challenges. There are many who go have bowel cancer without the support I had from my wife/family/work/friends, and many who do not survive it. In addition to it being good physically and mentally for me to run such races(!) I also aim to raise money for bowel cancer charities, this time for Bowel Cancer UK, in the hope that they can today help those going through what I did (it really isn’t nice), and in the future help medical progress so that such things cease to exist.

Am I ready – no, in my humble opinion!

My training has been limited – only 500+ km this year, with one extreme marathon, one marathon and a few half-marathons within that.

Will I still do the race – YES.

Will I finish – at this distance it’s the mind that will get me there, not my body. I will be fortunate to be running alongside a good Slovenian friend, who will fly over with me to the UK just for this race, and he has run several 100+ km ultras.

I am looking to increase the amount raised – if you can help please, please make a donation via my JustGiving page:

JustGiving logo

Going back to the film today, I pointed out to a student after he had finished watching it, “don’t you dare complain about me ‘volunteering’ you to run next week for Global Running Day, you are fortunate to be able to do such things, maybe one day you will realise this” (NB he completed a 7 km race for the first time a couple of months ago for his Duke of Edinburgh International Award, with me as his coach!) 🙂

Please support my charity efforts via the link above, thank you.

Countdown to #rtts2018 on my website 🙂

Just to remind you this is the route, roll on Saturday 14 July:
Race route

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