50 Day Streak


Start: 26 December 2016
Finish: 13 February 2017


I am trying something new with my running – a 50 day streak. One where I do keep my clothes on 🙂

So a streak is?

For me, running a minimum of 5 km, every day, for 50 consecutive days.


My first race, a half-marathon, is on 4 March in Palić, with a few more over subsequent months, and a focus on the Firelighter ultra (for charity) planned on 1 September (see below results for sponsorship link). So I thought I would try something new with my training as I still have time to change to fit in more with the races.

Results (to be updated over the weeks)?

Week 1, completed, days 1-7, 26 Dec 2016 – 1 Jan 2017:


Week 2, completed, days 8-14, 2 Jan – 8 Jan :


Week 3, completed, days 15-21, 9 Jan – 15 Jan:


Week 4, completed, days 22-28, 16 Jan – 22 Jan:


Week 5, completed, days 29-35, 23 Jan – 29 Jan:


Week 6, completed, days 36-42, 30 Jan – 5 Feb:


Week 7, completed, days 43-49, 6 Feb – 12 Feb:


Week 8, completed, day 50 (13 Feb):

week8of50-5I ran the 5.3 km with my 12 year old son on Day 50*5, then continued to run each day and the last day of the week was the 50th day of 2017.

Stopped my streak on Day 60 (see picture below) – just fancied a rest; so took Friday and Saturday off.
Then ran 12 km in exactly one hour on Sunday (with 191 m of elevation).


I’ll do another streak, some time, some distance as it was good fun 🙂

My next charity race – please support Bowel Cancer UK via the link below:


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