Neil4BC @ BIS ICF on 16 May

This Saturday, if you are in Belgrade, do come along to the British International School‘s Primary Campus (at Užička 7a) between 10:30 and 16:00 for the annual International Charity Festival (previously known as the Spring Charity Bazaar). The proceeds of this years event will go to support the work of the Red Cross in Kragujevac who have a special link to Britain.

Lots for children and adults to do, see and enjoy, so come along…

BIS International Charity Festival posterIn addition to all the stall there, there will also be a Charity Runner Neil/Neil4BC stall.
It’s there for several reasons, which tie in with the reasons for this whole campaign and stated on the website:
1) Raising money for bowel cancer charities through the sale of Neil4BC polo shirts/t-shirts/charity CDs as well as asking for donations;
2) Promoting and raising the awareness of bowel cancer through having literature and links available, and generally by simply being there make people think about bowel cancer and what can be done;
3) Letting people know about the next charity run, and thus demonstrating what can be done post-cancer, and hoping that people will think I am so mad in doing this run they will donate to the charities (which links in with point 1!)

Mentioning point 3) above, I just received the A2 and A3 sized posters today, to go along with other materials that will be on display. A full description of the race in Anglesey will come in the next blog post, it’s a big event…

So come along and join in the fun this Saturday 🙂


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